Digital pollution has a huge impact on climate change, and everyone is contributing to it…

An enormous amount of energy is required for just storing your old data. It’s time to clean up your mess, so we can lower the amount of data storage and save some energy!

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If the Internet was a country, it would rank 6th for electricity usage…

The web generates 2% of CO2 emissions of the planet…

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How many MB’S will you delete during the Web Clean-up Days?

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20 e-mails per day and per user for 1 year corresponds to the CO2 emitted when 1,000 km are driven by car

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How can I contribute?

Everyone has old social media accounts, old photos, movies and data in the cloud, archived websites, unused e-mail accounts filled with junk mail.

All this unused data is floating on the web and consumes a lot of energy. So why don’t you just delete unused data and help our planet.

How many mb’s will you delete? What will you delete?

You can help by deleting your old files...

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Individuals Top 3

Here's a list of individuals who already joined the Web Clean-up Days.

12th Sep
Joris van de Pavert
5th Sep
2nd Sep

How does it work?

less data upload = less server space =

less power needed = less CO2 emissions :)

How many mbs will you delete?

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